Unable to power on the Virtual Machine, How to fix it?

If the virtual machine is running in a cluster of esx hosts, some times it won’t power on. Why because, the files that are associated with that VM are locked by the host at the time of running. So when you try to vmotion the vm from one host to another host, the first host releases those files and again locked by the second host.


So what is meant by locking here, and why it is happening?


Locking is nothing but, the registration of a vm with a host. this happens every time when the vm is hosted on a host. this is helpful to prevent the access to the same vm for remaining hosts in the cluster.


Why the vm fails when trying to power it on?

When the files associated with that VM are locked by a host it won’t powered on. At that time, you must unregister the vm from the host using vmware-cmd utility.


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  1. In this case you need to kill the PID of that proccess why which vm get lock
    # vmkfstools -D /vmfs/volumes///
    # tail /var/log/vmkernel (For ESX)
    # tail /var/log/messages (For ESXi)
    # lsof | grep
    # kill 3631

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