How to configure DELL’s DRAC ? How to fix if anything happens ?

DELL REMOTE ACCESS CONTROLLER : Same as HP ILO, used for remote administration of DELL boxes from the stage it powered on. We can access BIOS, can make changes to it, can do what ever you want as a local administrator remotely. Sounds interesting right ? :)

1. When the server boot’s up press Ctrl+E with in 5 Seconds to enter into DRAC configuration.

2. Assign ip address, configure network settings and check the cabling.

3. Once the above things are made perfect, open the web browser and give the ip address of the DRAC. You will get a web interface, log in with the credentials and access the server remotely using the console. By default the credentials for DRAC are root/calvin.

4. If you want to change the IP address of the DRAC you can dimageo it, as you are able to see the BIOS and you are able to press the Ctrl+E from the console while system boot’s up. But please make sure the IP address and other settings are correct before making changes otherwise you will lose connectivity.

5. In that case you need to take the help of remote engineer, if you are working at remote location. Or configure it yourself perfectly, if you are working at the server location.

6 . One advantage of DRAC is you can configure it from inside of the OS also. Every OS has its own package for administration of DELL servers. By installing it, we can get Server Administrator access to the DELL tools. Which is very useful. And from this tool you can configure the DRAC also.

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