How to install Virtual Center 2.5/ vCenter 4.0 in a simple steps?

What is Virtual Center ?

Virtual Center is a management interface for ESX Virtual Infrastructure. Using Virtual Center you can manage all the ESX servers from a single point, in a simple words its a centralized administration point for VMWare ESX environment.

How do you connect to the Virtual Center?

Using  the Virtual Infrastructure Client.

What are the requirements for Virtual Center?

1. Windows 2003/2008 Operating System

2. SQL 2005/2008 Database installed

3. IP Address

4. Proper Licensing to enable all the futures of Virtual Center.

How do you Install it ?

1. Make sure Windows 2003 OS is installed correctly.

2. Install SQL 2005/2008 on the same machine.

3. Create a database named “vmware” by using Database creation wizard from SQL Management Studio

4. Create a Login name “vmware” from SQL MS, and give access to the “vmware” database that you just created.

5. Create an ODBC connection in System DSN

6. Start the VC installation, at the point of Database selection, use the existing system DSN to enable VC to store its details in vmware database.

7. At this stage, the installer checks the access to the vmware database using the ODBC (system DSN) connection. If it is authenticated successfully, the installation completed without any problems. Other wise check the ODBC Settings, VMWare User Access, VMWare Database Options and make sure everything was correct.


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