How to RENAME a Windows 2003 Domain ?


Domain renaming is a new future included in Windows server 2003. We can rename the domain without making it down. That is the beauty of Windows 2003. In some situations, one company acquires the other like Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle. In this type of cases, if they want to rename all the domains in Sun Microsystems to Oracle corporation how they will do it. Its just an example, i am not telling those guys are following this. But here what i am trying to explain is that, the Microsoft has released a standard procedure to rename the domains that are in production environment.


Please follow the steps from the below document carefully to rename your prod domain.




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  1. i am not getting the answer to "RENAMING WINDOWS 2003 DOMAINS"

  2. same here im not getting the answer

  3. Don't you think the doc is helpful? if not let me know, i will update the post with the content in that doc.


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