Interview : A quick view of yourself

Interview, a biggest challenge in everyone's life. Interview is a quick self view, when you are attending an interview you may feel nervousness, anxiety and other tensions. This article will help you understand interview from out of the box view.

See these videos first before reading the content… so informative and so funny…                             Video1: An Ugly Answer, Video2: A Bad Answer, Video3 : A Good Answer

In my experience Interview is nothing but “Marketing Yourself”, the word changes your confidence level. This has been told to me by my brother Krishna Prasad(May be he read it some where else). Opportunity comes only one time, and that is the only door to your success in the career. When the opportunity is in your hand, try until it goes of from you. So try hard to market yourself in every possible way.

The Power of Support

A best example for this is, i got job in AT&T when the entire world is in a very deep financial crisis. That means what ever happens, what may goes down the support industry will never stop. Why because if support stops, everything will be paused. For example, if the customer care for your mobile will not respond or if they don't provide customer support, their business will get lose lot of customers. In the same way we will provide our support to various companies around world. Those companies need our support, because they need to provide support to various customers around world. If a company has website about its products, what makes that company profitable? First thing, the website needs to be run continuously, obviously it is dependent on servers, hardware and network etc etc.. so may be so many people providing their support to make it available continuously in the back ground. That is the reason i can say, we are in the correct place, we have lot of opportunities. Only thing we need to get succeed in this industry is having optimized skill set.

Get Prepared

When an opportunity is in your hands, get prepared to achieve it. That is your ultimate target, if you lose this opportunity, you even don’t know when the next one comes. So Handle with Care. All you need to do is, prepare well in your area of practice. Be confident, Be Frank, Say no idea to unknown answers, Be Positive, Be Interactive, Be Proactive. :) lot of things right. All these qualities are in you. Try to develop them, try to bring out them when the time comes, try to expose them. Success is yours.

“Plan the Implementation, Implement the Plan”

Interview Requirements

Well prepared Resume – It should resemble your career, don't include/repeat unnecessary things.

Well prepared Mindset – Ultimately this is required for those who has interview phobia like me.

Positive Attitude – Life will never stop if this goes of from your hand, but try your level best to get it.

Interaction – Need to interact with the interviewer to market yourself, Keep eye contact with him.

Confidence – I noticed so many times, my confidence will get decreased whenever i am going for an interview, this happens to so many. It makes you a loser. Avoid thinking about the interview and interviewer to get rid of this problem. Meditation is the best practice i suggest.

“ Your life today is the result of your attitudes and choices in the past.

   Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitudes and the choices you make today.”

This post is useful or not, i don’t know. But these are the things i understood from my experiences and i want to share them with you.

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