RDP session getting disconnected when we moving resources on Windows Clusters, Why & How to fix it?

What is a Cluster?

A Cluster is a combination of more than two servers working as single instance to provide better output, better redundancy, best performance etc.. etc. for the services which are installed on it.

What are the Resources?

Resources are the requirements to run a service in clustered environment. ex: IP address, SQL instance, Shared Disks are called as resources. And these resources are shared between more than(minimum) two hosts, so that the service will be available even when one of the host goes down. image

RDP session getting disconnected when we moving resources on Windows Clusters, Why & How to fix it?

Lets talk about this scenario here.

1. When you configure a cluster for an application like SQL,DNS,DHCP etc you need to configure the resources and their dependencies as well.

2. What are the minimum requirements to run a cluster?

Disks (Shared – So SAN Preferable – Should be accessible to all hosts)

IP Addresses (For applications/services to run properly)

Services (SQL, DNS, DHCP etc)

3. So using these resources we will configure a service/application in a clustered environment to give the continuous access to clients (In other words for the continuity of Business).

4. And one more thing when we configure the networking part on these hosts, we will definitely configure the routing table on them. Why because in corporate environments everything goes in automation. So if the hosts needs to get the Windows Updates, Antivirus Updates, Backups etc., it needs to communicate with the respective machines as scheduled. These communications always depends on routing table. If it is generated properly everything will goes fine.


5. At the same time if you are accessing any hosts using RDP, a route should be there to enable this communication also.

6. In our scenario, if we move the cluster resources from one node to another, obviously the shared ip also moves with those resources. At this time, if the routing table is generated with the same ip(i.e shared ip), the routes associated with that ip also move to the second node. Obviously if the route which gives you access to RDP also moves to the second node, so  the RDP session will be getting disconnected.

To fix it, you should remove/change the shared ip and need to regenerate the routing table. It works. Regenerate the routing table on second node also.


Please read this KB article from Microsoft “ Active Route removed on Windows Server Failover Cluster ” for more details.

This is my one of the favorite fixes.

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