What is Cloud Computing? How it works ?

Cloud computing…the word which is been in the industry from past few years. The technology became very popular now a days. so what is the secret behind it and what makes this technology successful? May be these are the questions which are currently in your mind. Let me explain this emerging technology in simple way.


Generally what we all do is, we install whatever the required apps like MS Office, Photoshop, Acrobat Reader etc on to our machine once after the OS installation is finished. But here in this case, these apps are running on a specific hardware and OS. They are having some limitations, along with those limitations they are having some performance issues because they are dependent on Hardware and OS.


If we take the same scenario with cloud computing, a cloud is a collection or grid of computers with different hardware and OS’s installed on them and acting as a single virtual computer. So what happens when we install/run a website or an application on to this cloud, it takes all the advantage of the total hardware. And these applications (ex: Google docs) are OS independent also. So with all the resources sponsored by all the machines the applications runs faster. If the demand for that application is increased you can simply add some more machines to this cloud without disturbing the application and current cloud.



You can access the application from anywhere in the world

As it is accessed from the web, you can run it on any of the OS & Hardware

No need to install applications on to your machine

Best Live Example : Cloud Computing - ITaS - Cloudshare

For better idea how the cloud apps works, go and take a look at the below web sites.

Photoshop Like App = Splashup (www.splashup.com), Pixlr (www.pixlr.com)
MS Office Like App = Google Docs (docs.google.com)

Messenger App = Meebo (www.meebo.com)

OS like interface = beta.cloudo.com (simple) , www.oos.cc (resembles windows), www.eyeos.info (with lot of apps)

Read this article for better understanding


Cloud Computing : IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)


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