What is vMotion? How it Happens?

In this article i would like to discuss about vMotion. This is an extra-ordinary future of the VMware Product. Which made VMware the industry leader.

So What is vMotion?

Moving a virtual machine from an ESX host to another while it is running. You will get a very minimum downtime for the virtual machine with this if everything configured properly. If you want to do some maintenance tasks on one ESX server in the cluster, you can vMotion all the virtual machines running on it to other ESX server which has the enough resources available. Instead of giving lot of explanation for this topic, lets see this video from VMware, i bet you will definitely become a fan of VMware with this video. :)

This video recorded by me to show VMotion and Storage VMotion


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  1. Great...Blog very informative.Thanks for sharing tyour knowledge...

  2. Indeed very informative. keep it up

  3. show me some real time environments

  4. Hi,

    It was nice explanation.


  5. Thanks for sharing, very usefull..

  6. Thank you Muhammad Ackbar

  7. Hello Charan,
    Can you please post more material on 2003 and 2008 if possible on 2012 pls

  8. Thanks for the feedback, here is the article about storage vmotion http://www.isupportyou.net/2011/06/29/vmware-storage-vmotion-virtual-machine/ , i will publish the svmotion deepdive in few days.


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