Question : ESX installation inside VMware workstation problems.

Dear Sir,
I have been sing vmware from quite some time but I have not yet setup an ESX from scratch. So i have been trying to install ESX 3.5 inside VMware workstation but I am have quite some problems in that. First of all I would like give you a little detail on the hardware I am using.
There are 2 setups.
1 - AMD Athlon x64 3500+ (2.1 GHz) with 4 GB RAM. MSI main board with NVIDIA Ethernet controller. VMware workstation version 6.5. I have used the exact configurations that have been shown in almost every tutorial about installing ESX inside VMware workstation. As you know the procedure is almost identical.
2 - The second setup is Intel C2D on a Compaq Presario with 4 GB RAM with Intel Ethernet. The VMware workstation is 7.0.
The ESX is booting fine in the service console. But when I boot it in normal mode it takes a lot of time and a few services take quite some time (like a few hours) and the ESX does not boot. It doesn't even boot in the debug mode and take quite sometime. If you have any suggestion and advice for me I will appreciate as I am really stuck in this process. At the moment I cannot afford getting a physical server for ESX installation. I have AMD and Intel based 2 high performance PCs out of which I can use with attaching a separate SATA hard drive but that would only be the case if you suggest that it will work.
Waiting for you advice. Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,

Imran, thanks a lot for your question first of all. Try the below options.

Answer: First try to find out whether your processor is compatible for Virtualization (2nd option)

1. Use VMware Workstation 5 option, when you install ESX Server on it.


2. Enable CPU Virtualization option in BIOS (See image below, AMD and Intel also has similar setting if your processors are compatible for Virtualization).


3. Install with out LAN card first, if it succeeds you can install the LAN card later.

Let me know if you have any issues after settings these options also.


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