VMware Workstation : A Virtual Friend

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Tired of reading about ESX server…. OK, lets talk about something new today. It is nimage one other than, VMware Workstation. With this extra-ordinary application you can make wonders in your working area. May be most of you guys already aware of it, but i want to tell you something new about this App.  As i stated in my previous posts, its not a Bare Metal Hypervisor. Its a hypervisor which depends on Underlying Operating system like Windows and Linux. You can create multiple virtual machines side-by-side using VMware Workstation but only limitation is the access to the resources is given by the underlying operating system. So the VM’s may perform slower, when compared to vm’s which are running on an ESX Server. To multiple virtual machines, you need to have enough resources in your physical machine as well. This application is useful in many ways, like for creating testing environments, demo purposes etc.

Current version of VMware Workstation available in the market is 7.1. You can download a trial version from http://downloads.vmware.com/d/details/wkst_710_win/

VMware Workstation Architecture:


It resides at the application level in the architecture. Along with all other applications, it also installed as an Application on the Operating system Layer. That is the reason it doesn’t have direct access to the resources.

As you see in the image beside, it is installed at the application layer. And after installing the Operating systems in the Virtual machines we can later install the Applications on the OS.

VMware has an extensive support to major types of Operating Systems including VMware ESX Server also. So you can install the ESX server as a virtual machine on VMware Workstation for your practice purposes. Now let’s see how to install ESX server on VMware Workstation.

VMware Workstation Futures:

  • Support to major Operating systems including ESX server.
  • Various networking selection Options (Teamed, Bridged & NAT)
  • Teaming of Virtual Machines to build a Demo Infrastructures.
  • Support to various virtualized hardware components.
  • Virtual Machine Snapshots


Creating Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation:

The options for creating the Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation and in ESX server are same. The only difference is the access to the hardware resources. I can say, its an option in your hands. It Can be installed on your desktop/laptop running with Windows and Linux. And it gives support to run ESX server without disturbing your currently running Operating systems. If you want to learn or do some practice on Windows/Linux/VMware/Solaris operating system go ahead and install VMware workstation. But to install ESX server on VMware Workstation your desktop/laptop should have support to Virtualization. There is an option in the BIOS which needs to be enabled first, if you want to install ESX on this App. This thing is not required for other operating systems. Please watch the following videos to get a better understanding of creating a Windows Virtual Machine (The same process applies for remaining OS’es also). In the next post i will discuss about how to setup a demo environment with ESX Server and SAN Storage.


Note : ESX Server can be installed on VMWare Workstation 5 only. The same will be described in the above video.

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