VMware Interview Questions - Part II

Hi Friends, So many of you already read the Part - 1 post of VMware Interview Questions, if not please access this link http://www.isupportyou.net/2010/06/vmware-interview-questions-tips

First of all thank you so much for your support in my blog. With this energy, i gathered some more interview questions, and posting them in this latest article. Please read those questions from the following link. I am uploading it to Google docs, because everybody can read it everywhere.

NOTE : I don't know answers to some of the questions in the doc, so if anyone of you aware of the answer for any particular question, please send me an email with the question and answer. I will update it in the doc. (This is what we call it as KNOWLEDGE SHARING)

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VMware Interview Questions - Part II Doc

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  1. Thanks to Ankoji, for sending answers to 30 and 31 questions.

  2. hai i want to upgrade esx host 3.5 to 4.0 .in that case esx support 32 bit ..but esx4.0 support 64 then hw can we upgrade these two?

  3. . How do you configure Clusters,Hosts,Resource Pools in VI3 ?

  4. hai i want to upgrade esx host 3.5 to 4.0 .in that case esx support 32 bit ..but esx4.0 support 64 then hw can we upgrade these two?

  5. Its really helpfull, Keep it posted...

  6. charan am sending vmware interew questions will u send proper answers i need ..plzzz help me

    1. Explain the physical topology of Virtual Infrastructure 3 Data Centre ?

    2. How do you configure Clusters,Hosts,Resource Pools in VI3 ?

    3. What are resource pools & whats the advantage of implementing them ?

    4. Explain why Vmware ESX Server is preferred over Virtual Server or Workstation for enterprise implementation ?

    5. In what different scenarios or methods can you manage a VI3 ?

    6. Explain the difference between access through Virtual Infrastructure Client (vi client), Web access, Service Console access(ssh) ?

    7. Explain advantages or features of Vmware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) ?

    8. What are the types of datastores supported in ESX3.0 ?

    9. How can you configure these different types of datastores on ESX2.5 ?

    10.What is Vmware Consolidate Backup (VCB) ? Explain your work exposure in this area ?

    11.How do you configure Vmware Virtual Centre Management Server for HA & DRS ? What are the conditions to be satisfied for this setup ?

    12.Explain your work related to below terms :
    VM Provisioning:
    Alarms & Even Management:
    Task Scheduler:
    Hardware Compatibility List:

    13.What SAN or NAS boxes have you configured VMware with ? How did you do that ?

    14.What kind of applications or setups you have on you Virtual Machines ?

    15.Have you ever faced ESX server crashing and Virtual Centre Server crash? How do you know the cause of these crashes in these cases ?

  7. The answer for question 25 is IQN - Iscsi qualified name


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