VMware Storage : NFS Datastore's

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Today I want to share a real time concept from Mr.Terence, who has mailed me this concept. I am pasting the matter as it is...


image Just thought I'd share a working solution. I've recently begun using a "cheap" solution for centralized VM storage : Windows Server 2003, with NFS service.

Basic benefits for ESX environment:
- central datastore for VM's, so if an ESX host dies, we've been successfully able to boot up VM's from other ESX hosts very quickly
- Windows Server is simple to backup : backing up our VM's at VMDK level works great (using BackupExec 12 with open-file backup enabled)
- no expensive dedicated storage hardware needed; although we are lucky to have 10K RPM disks in our Windows Server, so throughput has been fantastic
- Windows Server is much simpler to install & manage than some SAN / NAS environments; and the server can be used for other services if needed (DHCP, DNS, File Server, Print Server, app server, etc)


Do you want to know how to setup NFS on Windows for ESX Server, then watch the below videos

Create a NFS Share on Windows 2003 for ESX Part - I

Create a NFS Share on Windows 2003 for ESX Part - II

Create a NFS Share on Windows 2003 for ESX Part - III


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