vSphere PowerCLI : Part - I

Before running PowerCLI, you will have to run the below PowerShell command to change the default execution policy to trust scripts which aren't digitally signed.

To do so:
- Start the windows powershell by clicking on the icon image on your desktop.
- Once the powershell window is open type --> "Set-ExecutionPolicy - ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted" and then exit.

Now PowerCLI can be started by clicking on the icon image on your desktop to have the below window.


I'll continue the article in part 2 in next weekend!.... till that time enjoy this short getting started for PowerCLI.

If you need any help or have any suggestions / comments, please use the comments panel below. I'll try my best to answer at the earliest and with utmost accuracy. :)

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image This article has been posted by Mr.Amit. He was acting as co-author for this blog. He is a VMware Certified Professional, and working as VMware and Linux Admin. He has a very good exposure in the command line level of UNIX & VMware.

if you have any queries you can contact him at amit@isupportyou.net 


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  1. I wouldn't set the ExecutionPolicy to Unrestricted if I were you, this is not best practice, I would advise people look into the execution policy before setting this and at the very least use RemoteSigned.

  2. Yes, I say the same, Never go fo for "Unrestricted". Use "Remotesigned"


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