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VMware HA : ‘V’irtually ‘M’ore - High Availability

Hi Guys,
Today i want to discuss something about High Availability feature of VMware. First of all….what is high availability? why we need to concentrate on this thing? how can we accomplish this thing with the help of vmware? Come, Let’s support…. by providing High Availability in the environment where you are working on….
What is High Availability ?
High Availability is nothing but, the continuity of the service. That means the service should be available to the users 24x7 without any interruption.
Why we need to concentrate on this thing?
Now a days every business / company / organization is integrated with internet marketing. By depending on internet marketing these guys are making more money. Which means internet became a medium to the user / customer and the company / business. So a company can make money from all over the world with out having their offices / stores located in each locality. Instead of these they are putting their servers in each location, because these are the guys…