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VMware – Host Profiles : Brand New Mirrors

Hi Techies, Today i want to discuss about a time saving feature in vSphere, parallelly it supports in avoiding misconfiguration of ESX servers in a Cluster. When i am working in my previous company i used to configure lot of ESX servers on regular basis. Actually the configuration of networking is a bit complex. We used to configure 9 interfaces on every ESX server for different purposes(vMotion, iSCSI Storage, Backups etc). So for example if i have to configure 10ESX servers at a time, i have to do the same configuration on each ESX using those 9 interfaces. That means as a hole i have to configure 90 interfaces with out any configuration problems. Some times its a big headache because of misconfiguration in networking the vMotion may not work or the storage may not work. But there is no other way to do it, except doing it manually at that time (when we are using 3.5 ESX servers).But now vSphere made it very simple, using a new feature called Host Profiles. Using Host Profiles we can…

VMware Workstation : Know about VM Networking

Hi Guys,In this article i want to discuss about VMware Workstation Networking options. Because one must have idea about the types of networking options available to build and test an environment on VMware workstation. These are entirely differs from ESX server networking options. In the previous post i discussed about setting up a LAB to practice VMware ESX server using your own computer. But after posting it i realized to share something about the VMware workstation options.Because to enable the communication between VM’s and as well as with the physical network we should know these options in detail. That would be helpful to expand our environment if we have multiple physical computers in our home. There are 3 types of networking options available in VMware Workstation. These options will be visible when you creating a new VM or when you are editing settings for Virtual NIC of an existing VM.In the VM wizard you will be asked about choosing the network type used for that virtual mac…