VMware – Host Profiles : Brand New Mirrors

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image Today i want to discuss about a time saving feature in vSphere, parallelly it supports in avoiding misconfiguration of ESX servers in a Cluster. When i am working in my previous company i used to configure lot of ESX servers on regular basis. Actually the configuration of networking is a bit complex. We used to configure 9 interfaces on every ESX server for different purposes(vMotion, iSCSI Storage, Backups etc). So for example if i have to configure 10ESX servers at a time, i have to do the same configuration on each ESX using those 9 interfaces. That means as a hole i have to configure 90 interfaces with out any configuration problems. Some times its a big headache because of misconfiguration in networking the vMotion may not work or the storage may not work. But there is no other way to do it, except doing it manually at that time (when we are using 3.5 ESX servers).

But now vSphere made it very simple, using a new feature called Host Profiles. Using Host Profiles we can create a baseline profile image of one ESX Server and applying it to the remaining hosts in the Cluster. With that the configuration of all the ESX hosts looks similar like mirror images. Before taking the baseline from the first ESX server, we have to make sure all the configuration is accurate to avoid problems in the future.

I have recorded a video on this, in the video i added a new host which doesn’t have proper networking configuration. Due to this reason the HA is failing. After applying Host Profile, this problem has been fixed.


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