Windows : Active Directory Installation IFM (Install From Media) Method

This is an important interview question, which I faced so many times in my interview. In this article I would like to briefly show you how we can install active directory in a backup domain controller which is located for away from the primary domain controller.

Generally if both domain controllers on same subnet, all the database information from PDC will be replicated directly to BDC through the network wires with in a matter of seconds.

But imagine an environment, where the primary is in India and secondary is in Canada. The link between these two locations is limited to low bandwidth. In this case, if we try to replicate the database we may get latency issues, or disconnection issues or some other issue related to bandwidth or network.

To overcome this kind of situation Microsoft implemented IFM method of AD installation on BDC’s. Using this method entire AD database will be backed up using ntbackup utility. And that .bkf file will be copied to BDC. Then AD will be installed on BDC using the backup file created from PDC.

Watch the below videos to know how to do that.

1st Video : Setting up a primary domain controller

2nd Video : Setting up a backup domain controller using IFM.

AD installation on PDC using Standard Method

AD Installation on BDC using IFM

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