Windows : Playing with FSMO Roles : Transferring

In this article, I would like to show how to transfer FSMO roles from one domain controller to other. In the last article we discussed about Seizing FSMO Roles. Seizing can be done only when the primary domain controller is down and inaccessible. But if we are able to assign the roles from Primary to Secondary that process is called as Transferring. In this scenario both the domain controllers are available online and communicating with each other. This kind of process is implemented when some one wants to reboot one of their domain controller (preferably the primary). Before rebooting the primary it’s a must to transfer all the roles to secondary to avoid authentication issues in the network. It’s a recommended proactive task. Enough talk, lets see the video.

Transferring FSMO roles using Graphical Interface

Transferring FSMO roles using NTDSUTIL (From command line)

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